Discover Why The "Power Of Reading" Is Critically Important To Your Child Even BEFORE They Start School.

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    Jim & Elena Yang are parents and teachers who developed a unique reading program which they used to teach their own children to read before turning 3 years old.

    They set out to create a reading program that was easy to understand, simple to follow and easy to apply for most children regardless of their current literacy skills.  

    Reading Success Begins at Home

    The most effective way for parents to ensure future success for their child is to teach their children how to read early on.

    But you may be thinking: "I don't know how to teach my child how to read. I don't even know where to begin!"

    You're not alone when it comes to not knowing how to teach a child how to read. 

    Many parents are at a loss when it comes to teaching their children how to read, and even more parents are convinced that waiting for their child to start school is the right way to go for developing literacy skills. 

    But there is growing evidence that developing early literacy skills, well before entering school, is critical for your child's development. 

    Learning to read at a young age is important for the development of the child. It helps them develop a better understanding of their surroundings, allows them to gather information from printed materials, and provides them with a wonderful source of entertainment when they read stories and rhymes. 

    Children develop at different rates, and some children will develop reading skills quicker than other children; however, what's important is that as the parent, you are keenly aware of your child's maturity and reading level to provide them with appropriate books and activities to help them improve.

    Jim & Elena discovered from the experience of teaching their own children, how important it was to teach them early, even before pre-school.

    Over 78,600 people have now successfully used their unique reading techniques that are super simple & extremely effective at teaching even 2 and 3 year old children to read.

    I'm sure you're already intrigued to learn about this exciting new reading system and how it works. Take the quiz to find out!

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