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Groundbreaking New Research Reveals The Surprising Reason Men Always Choose Certain Women…

…And Why They Constantly Reject or Ignore Others.

Why Men Often Push Away Their Perfect Girl

Throughout her life, Tanya was constantly told that she’s “incredible”, “beautiful,” “a real sweetheart,” and “total girlfriend material” by men that she’d been in relationships with.

…But all those seemingly kind words actually made her feel bad.

Regardless of how great they SAID she was, they still weren’t CHOOSING her as their life partner.

To Tanya, that meant these men were either not being honest with her, or there was something else wrong with her. In any case, Tanya feared that there was something so undesirable about her that men couldn’t see themselves staying with her.

It made me feel broken,” she says. “Why is it that I’m never enough for the men I really want?” “I just want someone to choose me!“

The question of what makes a man choose certain woman (while they overlook others) has plagued women for as long as men and women have been getting together.

Now science may finally have the answer. According to new research published in the scientific journal, “Archives of Sexual Behavior”*, men really don’t choose a partner for “logical reasons”.

Renowned relationship expert Clayton Max tells us:

“It’s not about checking all the boxes on a man’s checklist of what makes his ‘perfect girl’… a woman can’t convince a man to want to be with her.”

In fact, Max says, when a woman tries to convince a man, puts pressure on him, or tries really hard to show him how amazing she is, it’s likely to backfire…since these behaviors signal the exact opposite of what makes a man absolutely sure a particular woman is right for him.

“The reality for men,” according to Max, “is that their decision to choose one woman over another is about one thing and one thing only: they choose women who make them feel the powerful emotion of INFATUATION

Psychologists have discovered that infatuation comes from a primitive deep instinct within the brain… and it’s either switched on or it’s off..

When his infatuation impulse is ON, it doesn’t matter if a woman has any of the qualities he’s identified as being his perfect match. She could be completely “wrong” for him, but he’ll make time for her. He’ll pack up and move to a different city for her. He’ll may even change careers for her.

The unique thing about the Infatuation Instinct is that it literally TURNS OFF the part of a man’s brain to do with anything other than making her his.

So, how does a woman activate a man’s Infatuation Instinct…and make him so overwhelmed with desire for her… …that he’s willing to do anything to show her how much he needs and wants her?  

Want to Make Him Infatuated?

#1: This Video Is For Women Who Are Frustrated With Their Relationships – This video is not for everyone. It reveals some harsh truths about relationships that may not be easy to hear.

From the thousands of women who’ve watched this video (and reaped the benefits of it), we’ve found that this simple system works best for specific situations.

For example, this video is for women who’ve tried many times to reason with a man, or believes that she needs to act like the “laid back, cool girl”, or she gives ultimatums, waiting to sleep with a new guy, or NOT waiting to sleep with him.

Also, many women have found this video extremely valuable if they’ve played “hard to get”, or told him how his actions were affecting them – and still didn’t get the attention and devotion they’d like.

#2: This Video Is For Women Who Are Ready To Try Something New

– While a lot of women may be unhappy with their love lives, they still may not be willing to try something different.

There’s an old saying that says “we teach people how to treat us.”

And while it’s not a woman’s fault how a man treats her, it is her responsibility to try something different if she’s not satisfied with the results she’s been getting so far.

This isn’t about playing games or manipulating him into feeling something he doesn’t… It’s about accepting and understanding the way men are wired, rather than wishing his brain was different.

The Cure to Commitment-Phobia? (Clayton Max’s Breakthrough Discovery)

Clayton was intrigued why men who seemed so scared of commitment with one woman, could meet another woman and propose to her within months. It was especially confusing since it seemed to have nothing to do with a woman’s physical attractiveness, or how great a girlfriend she was.

While scouring through scientific research on the psychology of attraction late one night, he learned about The Infatuation Instinct, and how it can override a man’s inner fears about making a deeper commitment to a woman.

Activating a man’s infatuation instinct has been called “the cure to commitment phobia”, since men who’ve always resisted commitment, are suddenly eager to commit to a woman once she triggers it.

Clayton’s programs and free videos have helped thousands of women flip the dynamic with a man they’re into, by showing them exactly what to do and what to say in order to trigger a man’s infatuation instinct. In his free video, he gives away the three psychological keys to activating it.

So Clayton Decided To Create This Video To Show Women How Easy It Can Be To Make A Man Infatuated

Learn Why Men Tend To Flip-Flop In Love...

...and why they can often have one foot out the door even when they say they’re committed!

Find Out The Three Things Women Do So They're Always “In Control” With Men

Discover what compels the men in their lives to chase them, obsess over them, and become desperate to commit...

Discover How Some Women Use The “Halo Effect”

That makes men idealize them and overlook all their flaws...

Understand the crucial link between UNCERTAINTY and Infatuation...

...and why having too much control in a relationship can often make a man feel suffocated & uncertain...

Learn about the “Investment Effect”

Find out why trying to do too much for a man makes it impossible for him to feel infatuated - and why a woman must get him to "put in the effort" if she wants him to feel the powerful emotion of infatuation....

Discover the key role that CURIOSITY plays

That makes a man obsess about a woman when she’s not around… and it's a CRUCIAL factor that helps make him fall for her!

* Helen E. Fisher, Ph.D. et al, Archives of Sexual Behavior, October 2002Defining the Brain Systems of Lust, Romantic Attraction, and Attachment, Vol. 31, No. 5, (pp. 413 – 419)

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